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Les Filles d’Apocalypse
is the product of a cooperation between two bands: Apocalypso Trio and Les Filles de Hirohito.

Apocalypso Trio consists of three Flemish ladies from Capsule with a DIY attitude. Les Filles de Hirohito on the other hand are three gentlemen from Wallonia and Brussels who love beers and rock and roll.

Together they create a spicy musical merry-go-round where different genres and languages cheerfully bounce around causing occasional collisions.
In other words: a typical Belgium product!

The result of this collaboration is a nice and shiny black vinyl and will be released 9th of february 2018.

Jean-Bastien Tinant: vocals
Roos van de Leest: vocals
Daniel Bajoit: guitar
Cyrille de Haes: double bass
Saar van de Leest: bass, vocals
Roos Janssens: drums, vocals

Teaser release: