*** JAN 2018 ***

*** DEC 2017 ***

Rotakt Records is proud to present:
a musical collaboration between Apocalypso Trio and Les Filles de Hirohito.
Album release 9th of feb
More info soon!


*** JAN 2017 ***

Soon Capsule will celebrate it’s 10th anniversary, welcome!

collage by Peter Felix

*** DEC 2016 ***

Fast Moving Picnic, a new solo side project of Saar van de Leest from Capsule, is releasing a cassette containing a culinary soundtrack, yum!

check it out here

*** MAY 2016 ***

“Tenace on Tour” compilation, an expedition through the undercurrents of Belgium
12″ vinyl, limited edition, silkscreen print.

Presentation of the album:
may 4th, at Cercle du Laveu in Liege, with a a concert of Capsule
may 8th, at Bar Paniek in Antwerp with concerts of Apocalypso Trio, Frans van Isacker & Elko Blijweert and Heaven’s Basement.
may 29th, at Casa Baila (ex Bodeguita) in Antwerp, with concerts of Blafhart and Music For Rabbits.

Listen on Bandcamp

*** MAY 2016 ***

COMING VERY SOON: The compilation of Tenace on Tour!!
Release 1th of may in Antwerp, location will be specified soon.

Tenace on Tour part 1 & 2:

*** DEC 2015 ***

the Tenace on Tour vinyl record!


a unique collage of Belgian undercurrent music recorded at the ship Tenace
planned release: may 2016

*** SEP 2015 ***

*** SEP 2015 ***

Coming soon: Alice
A new Release of Capsule, release: 25 sep 2015
This double vinyl + digital download contains the result of a collaboration between Capsule and Abattoir Fermé and guest appearances of Simon & Buni Lenski, Bjorn Eriksson & Nathalie Delcroix, Egoplum, Les Filles de Hirohito, Elko Blijweert, Wim de Busser en The Wild Classical Music Ensemble.

*** SEP 2015 ***

We’ve reached the Point Final of Tenace on Tour, so our expedition has come to an end, and I must say we’ve found some beautiful sounds for our musical travelogue!
Next spring we’ll present a fine compilation on vinyl from this journey through the rivers of Belgium, and you can still pre order this unique collection here.

Blog of Tenace on Tour:


*** JAN 2015 ***

To be continued…
Tenace on Tour: preparing part II
Meanwhile, here’s some impressions of the first part last summer, enjoy!

*** MAR 2014 ***

We are happy to announce a new project: Tenace on Tour
This summer Rotakt Records will be on board of Tenace, a 38m long ship, and they’ll use the boat for their next endeavor: producing a musical travelogue of the journey. It’s gonna be fun!


*** APR 2013 ***

New music video’s!
Ghost, directed by Stef Lernous from Abattoir Fermé

*** DEC 2012 ***

New album coming up!!!
CHRONISCH (12″vinyl)
release: 12 january 2013

*** MAY 2012 ***

New single of Capsule available now on Bandcamp, ch ch ch check it out!

Universe Polka (ft. Stef Lernous)

APR 2011

A little present for you!
Download the first two releases of Capsule now for free on Bandcamp:
Disco Dogmatico

SEP 2010

Animation from Bert Lezy

*** MAR 2010 ***

Out of the dark enter the sushi!

Another release to please and to tease. Look at it as a musical shnaps, an appetiser, a sorbet in between two meals, an amuse gueule to keep you longing for more…

This mini album is only available on Bandcamp and cdr.

MAY 2009

We are proud to present our first release: Argo Navis by the band Capsule!

The music for this record was composed for a theaterplay Capsule made in collaboration with Abattoir Fermé. Their first album, “Haunted House” is also available on this label.